Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Jennifer's Claims

Jennifer Toledo runs a Christian organisation called Global Children's Movement who supposedly help sick and starving children in Africa by performing miracles. She lives in a mansion with her husband Jonathan in Foley, Alabama.

Jennifer believes that Jesus performed an operation on her in hospital when she had an illness
'that melted all her internal organs.' She talks about the operation during an appearance on Sid Roth's Messanic Vision on the 13/03/06.

'Jesus cut me open with a knife and then messaged my organs back to health.'

Abra cadabra she is cured. She also mentions that she dreamed all this but that the operation still took place.

Sid Roth is a Jewish believer in Jesus as the Messiah. He also believes in the supernatural - even though the two go hand-in-hand. As the host of the Moronic Vision, a nationally syndicated radio, television, and publishing ministry, one of Sid's claims is that there is an body part room in heaven:

'Did you know that in heaven there are actually body parts, they're in a room and a little girl had a visitation to heaven and found out how we on earth can get these body parts if we need them. I mean you've heard of kidney transplants
(his head nods as he says this to the camera) what about a heavenly kidney transplant?'

Here is a special message from Sid from his website:

'The devil has always tried to destroy the Jewish people. As we get closer to the return of the Messiah, he will intensify his efforts. Simultaneously, Jewish people are more open to the gospel than at any time in history. This is why our mandate is urgent.

Please pray for our work and consider becoming Mishpochah. Mishpochah is a Hebrew word that means "family." It is also our name for the special people who support Messianic Vision with their prayers and gifts of $25 or more per month.'

Thanks for the history lesson Sid and enough of your moronic visions.

Back to miracle worker Jennifer. She describes her fake
Global Children's Movement as:

'Focused on equipping and releasing the next generation to know Christ and to make Him known...Global Children's Movement feeds, houses, clothes, ministers to, and loves these children to the best we know how.'

Jennifer declares that with the help of her ministry God heals AIDS patients via the ministries children:

"We have been working in Bungoma, Kenya for four years now and we have seen God demostrate some of the most amazing miracles through the children time and time again. The majority of kids I worked with were all orphans. But God began to totally transform them with the gospel of the Kingdom. There were multiple occasions where the children would go into large hospitals and pray for the sick, and we would see large hospital wards cleared out. People dying of AIDS, malaria, typhoid, etc were completely healed, got up out of their hospital beds and went home! Of course the doctors and nurses got saved witnessing this."

Holy Toledo Batman! The children cured AIDS!

Jennifer made this sensational claim in an article for Christian woman's magazine called
Enhance Magazine. You can download the PDF of the article here. She also makes the claim as a guest on The Sid Roth show. Funnily enough she provides no evidence whatsoever to support her claim. Further, on the show, her husband Jonathan describes how Down Syndrome is cured.

Another miracle Jennifer describes in her interview with Enhance Magazine is:

"Recently we took eight suit cases full of designer clothing to donate to orphans in Rawanda and Kenya. To our amazement, we were able to clothe hundreds of children. the clothing supernaturally multiplied. The more we kept giving away, the more we kept pulling out."

Again Jennifer provides no photographic or video evidence of this bottomless suitcase of Dior, Armani and Gucci.

Jennifer's ministry is a con-job. A fly-by-night scheme to rob in the name of Jesus. There is no evidence to support her claim that the ministry helps children. It is just another ministry that uses the lies of Christianity to obtain money from people under false pretenses. Here are some examples:

1. She claims to have a Rescue Centre in Kenya. Except that she provides no address, phone number, or any contact details for the centre. She does offer a photo of some Africans though.

2. She offers an Isiah 58 Internship for those 'who feel called to help the poor, the children, and/or the nations. The internship will cost you between $3000 and $5000 dollars. This is just a money making exersise for her. I have asked for a testimonial of someone who has completed an Isiah 58 Internship and have heard nothing.

3. Here is a link to the financial information section of her Global Children's Movement website. 'Under Construction'. Too right it is.

Jennifer Toledo has made some sensational claims. Claims that if true, would be headline news around the world and save millions of lives. However, her claims are lies thus the missing headlines. Jennifer is the lowest of the low, the bottom of the barrel. Claiming to heal AIDS patients through the guise of children performing God's work must surely put her in contention for eternal damnation and torture next to Sid Roth for facilitating her lies.

Thanks for the laughs Jennifer.